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More and more people are wanting to spend time outdoors, enjoying the summer evenings.  Patios, built in grills and outdoor fireplaces make your outdoor time convenient and enjoyable.

An Outdoor fireplace in rural Ottawa just outside Almonte almost complete.



A stone patio enclosure wall built from reclaimed sandstone.  Perth, Ont




Stone walls and walkways helped to define this small backyard in Ottawa


This wood fired pizza oven will be a beautiful focal point to this yard in Almonte

20160101_163601 20160101_190826

This masonry bridge in Almonte was built in 2015 using reclaimed limestone from local barn foundations.  Approximately 80 tons of stone to get started20141112_083401Some of the stones are quite big

102_1511Getting the abutments built

102_1521Placing the temporary center for the elliptical arch

102_1555Installing the arch stone which are properly called voussoirs.

20150808_095617The owner Jack…he was pretty excited to have some keystones installed.  He was getting nervous about the weight on the centering

DSC03784Nearing completion. The wood represents the finished road bed20150918_10231420150918_102239The centering was left in for quite some time but only so we could utilise it for a cantilevered work platform. Once all the keystones were in the bridge was fully capable of carrying a vehicles weight. Here’s the bridge with the centering removedDSC03807DSC03819For a few different reasons concrete was chosen as the finished roadbed.  Jack, the owner, is going to finish the sidewalls and cap them next year so our involvement in this project is over.  We were very proud to be involved in this project, likely the first new stone bridge to be built in Lanark county in a century


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