It seems that many of the buildings that stick in our minds are the ones that seem like they’ve been around forever, and those building generally have a masonry element..  It’s fascinating to think of how many people have experienced the beauty of these heritage buildings, whether it’s a farmhouse that’s been in the same family for generations, a church or government building.   If we want them to be around for our children and their children,  they must be preserved using sensitive materials and techniques

Before shot of the first project undertaken by Dominion Masonry.  Ottawa, Ont

Almost complete

Finished with flagstone applied to the steps


One of a series of chimneys rebuilt at the Central Experimental Farm.  This building is deemed heritage so it had to be rebuilt to the exact same height and with the same profile as the original. Ottawa Ont


This chimney was torn down to sound brick and rebuilt with reclaimed brick.The mortar was colour matched  as closely as possible to the original.  Ottawa, Ont



The old Almonte Post Office.  The bead joint on the foundation had deteriorated badly, New bead joint colour matched quite closely.  This will be an ongoing project.  Almonte, Ont


A typical job.  Some old joist ends were sticking out of the wall and the joints were in bad shape.  The joists had been cut away long ago so the ends were removed, loose stone replaced and the rest repointed.

Rebuilt and re-pointed, Almonte ont


Putting new openings through solid masonry walls is a common job.  Old mills and warehouses are often re-purposed as condos or office space and often need new doorways or windows.  We put eight new door and window openings in this old flour mill.  Almonte, Ont


A heritage repointing job using exact batching and colour to achieve a near perfect match to the existing mortar.  Woods Mills Complex, Smiths Falls, Ont, home of the Rideau Canal Museum.


The homeowners wanted an English pub type finished basement so they decided to leave the masonry walls exposed.  The stone was in need of some serious attention and the areas below the windows needed rebuilding so they looked finished.  Using similar stone for the rebuilding and some sympathetic repoining materials, the wall was transformed





Foundation wall rebuild at the Experimental farm in Ottawa


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