Custom carving

Do you want to add an accent to your masonry project?  Carved stone can change the character of a build like nothing else.  Fireplace mantels and surrounds, band courses, entabulatures, or caps for pillars, nothing finishes off a piece like beautifully carved stone.  St.Bee sandstone shaped to match the entabulature at the South Azimuth building adjacent to the Observatory


A simple door surround sets this house apart


This fireplace mantle is hand carved and custom made to complement the crown mouldings——————————————————————————————————————–

A project at school.  Profile of a typical window or door moulding carved from Indiana limestone.  The base was actually carved by someone else, mine is in the background.  I took the picture this way to show how closely the two profiles matched.


Coping stone for the Vaux wall at Parliament.  Done while employed at PWGSC this piece was carved from Ohio sandstone


The base of this pillar cap was rotted but the top was in good condition.  The rotten material was removed, a new piece of stone was doweled and epoxied to the original and shaped to match what was removed.


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